It Has Begun!

July 18, 2011

To all of our fans and readers,

The Sweetness Summer Tour and CD Release is officially underway. We will be playing shows From Canada to the Lone Star state of Texas, and a lot of places in between. We have even been booked to play several shows in wunderbar Stuttgart, Germany.

Also please check out this business with Vivogig, who will be Documenting our journey across North America through a series of Interviews.

Here is the list (You can also view this list under the “Dates” category)

  • Jul 16th, The Rivoli, The Sweetness CD Release, Toronto, CA
  • Jul 24th, The Central Sunday Brunch Toronto, CA
  • Jul 28th, The Spill, Peterborough, CA
  • Jul 29th, Laframboise House Concert, Ottawa, CA
  • Jul 30th, Roula Mavridou House Concert, Montreal, CA
  • Jul 31st, Jones House Concert, Cambridge, MA
  • Aug 2nd, Rockwood Music Hall, Manhattan, NY
  • Aug 3rd, Mt. Sinai Queens, Astoria, NY (Musicians on Call)
  • Aug 4th, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (Musicians on Call)
  • Aug 5th, Auburn Road Vineyards, Pilesgrove, NJ 8:00 pm
  • Aug 6th, Private House Concert, Washington, DC
  • Aug 7th, Empty Glass, Charleston, WV 10:15 pm
  • Aug 8th, Bluegrass Kitchen– Charleston, WV 7:00 pm
  • Aug 10th, Natasha’s Bistro & Bar, Lexington, KY 8:00 pm
  • Aug 11th, Shine Wellness Studio, Louisville, KY 8:15 pm
  • Aug 12th, The Bishop, Bloomington, IN 10:30 pm
  • Aug 13th, Fearless Radio, Chicago, IL 4-5 pm
  • Aug 13th, Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago, IL 9:00 pm
  • Aug 15th, WUEV 91.5, Evansville, IN 4:00 pm
  • Aug 16th, Deerhead Tavern,Evansville, IN 8:00 pm
  • Aug 17th, ARC of Evansville, Evansville, IN (Volunteer Show) 12:30 pm
  • Aug 17th, Christie House Concert, Evansville, IN 7:00 pm
  • Aug 18th, Cafe Arazu, Newburgh, IN 8:00 pm
  • Aug 19th, Daily Planet, Memphis, TN 9:00 am
  • Aug 19th, Centre for Southern Folklore, Memphis, TN 12:00 pm
  • Aug 20th, Momo’s Club, Austin, TX 10:15 pm
  • Aug 21st, Donna Miller House Concert, Austin, TX 6:00 pm
  • Aug 22nd, Boyd House Concert, Carrollton, TX
  • Aug 24th, Iron Horse Pub, Wichita Falls, TX 9:30 pm
  • Aug 25th, Esparanza Senior Center, Bryan, TX (Volunteer Show) 1:30 pm
  • Aug 26th, Norris House Concert, Bryan, TX 8:00 pm
  • Aug 27th, The Village, Bryan, TX 8:00 pm
  • Aug 31st, ARC of Austin, Austin, TX (Volunteer Show) 12:30 pm
  • Sep 1st, Carmens de la Calle Cafe, San Antonio, TX 8:30 pm
  • Sep 10th, Blues at the Crossroads Festival, Terre Haute, IN 1:30 pm
  • Oct 28th, Silent Friday, Stuttgart, DE
  • Oct 29th, Cafe Galao, Stuttgart, DE

(PR) The Sweetness

 Independent solo artists Chloe Charles and Sam McLellan (Toronto) AND Aly Tadros and Douglas Jay Boyd (Austin, Texas) form international folk supergroup and release debut EP “What’s it like to be a sprinkler, I wonder?”; Toronto launch is July 16 at The Rivoli

Toronto, ON, June 21, 2011 – Each accomplished individually, singer-songwriter Chloe Charles and composer/session musician/double bassist Sam McLellan (both from Toronto) and singer-songwriter Aly Tadros and singer-songwriter/percussionist Douglas Jay Boyd (both from Austin, Texas) join forces to create folk supergroup The Sweetness and launch their first Gordon Raphael produced album “What’s it like to be a sprinkler, I wonder?”.

The cabaret themed celebration is at The Rivoli (334 Queen St. West, Toronto) on July 16, 2011 at 9:00 p.m.; openers will be electro-fusion trip rock band Sacred Balance (at 9:30 p.m. sharp) and closers will be Brazilian dance band Tropicallia. Tickets are $8.00 with a costume, $10.00 without a costume, and are available at the door only. For venue information;

Canada’s Chloe Charles states, “I’m not superstitious, but it is pretty clear this venture is a special one. Not only do we mesh together perfectly, but the support ranges from donations (fan funded album and tour), to free meals, tweets and even documentaries. All our North American shows will be filmed for a documentary by award winning German director Pascal Fetzer.”

USA’s Aly Tadros states, “The Sweetness came together through a combination of our musical chemistry and the sheer will of every single person that heard us play. After 48 hours of non-stop rehearsal on my sister’s balcony during the day and in an abandoned parking lot at night, we recorded the live album the next day in one afternoon.  It was a blast!”

The Sweetness was born in the most unlikely (or likely) of places:  In the stairwell between the 17th and 19th floor of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee during this year’s 23 Annual Folk Alliance International.

Rich four-part harmonies and heavy cajon-driven backbeats echoed, resonated and drew in crowds of curious spectators as the foursome quickly gained buzz throughout the halls. A number of late night, guerrilla stairwell jams occurred that week and after one particularly rousing number, a voice in the crowd shouted “Sweetness!” and a dream project took flight.

Much like divine intervention, The Sweetness went on to record their debut independent EP, “What’s It Like To Be A Sprinkler, I Wonder”, with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) one day before premiering at nine critically acclaimed SXSW 2011 showcases in Austin, Texas. Subsequently, they quickly set out on a string of European dates and festivals in March and April in the UK and Germany.


 “With sweet four part harmonies, and underpinned by a finely painted double bass and driving cajon rhythms it’s hard to believe the band have been together for just a few weeks.” – Canadian Blast, London, UK 2011.

“Aly Tadros’ guitar writhes on the floor of the mind, haunted by the honesty of her lyrics.” – USA Today.

“The depth of Chloe Charles’ range keeps a mesmerizing lock on the ears…a voice worth hearing and a presence worth revisiting.” –

“Sam McLellan is one of Toronto’s most gifted bassists.” – Lonely Vagabond, Exclaim.

“Douglas Jay Boyd is that rare artist who has the ability to bring you into his world.” – Austin Music Review.

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For media information, passes, photos, review CD’s and interviews please contact:

Laurie Lockhart


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